Start of our library

I was in my pajamas playing with Jackson on the floor when Perry came in and said I had to come outside right away. "I can't. I'm not dressed." I told him. "You'll want to get dressed for this." He replied. I hadn't even combed my hair and looked a mess, but that didn't stop him. The surprise must commence!

We've been staying with my dad in Michigan while we wait for our house to go through escrow. We have nowhere to put our things like clothes, camera gear or books for that matter. After five years of living on the road — traveling the U.S. and Europe — I have finally found somewhere I can call home, a renovated house from the 1940s in a town outside of Asheville in North Carolina. Our move in date is March 13 and I can barely wait.

I've picked up books in nowhere towns and skyscraper cities across the US, and in old bookstores throughout Europe. I haven't had anywhere to store them and I've had to give them away upon finishing the last page. Dreaming of my own library for ages, Perry wanted to give me the beginning of a beautiful library.

It's February in Michigan and it's freezing outside. I put my clothes on over my pajamas, threw on my hiking boots without bothering to tie them and made my way outside.  Dad was in on the whole thing, Perry had him running the camera. Thanks pops!

I was in shock when Perry opened the back of our 4Runner. I couldn't figure out where he had gotten all these books and where he had been hoarding them all this time. He's done a lot of epic surprises over the years but I think this one was my favorite.

It’s over a hundred books of your favorite authors to get your library started.

Perry even bought me a copy of J. D. Salinger's "Nine Stories" which we both bought in New York City on our off day from working Warped Tour eleven years ago. "You're so sentimental, darling."

The Stephen King titles were a surprise too. During our drive across the country from California to North Carolina and up to Michigan we've been listening to his "Bag of Bones" audiobook. He's creeped us out pretty good and put us on the edge of our seats — it's addicting!

And Derrida. How did he think of Derrida? Nine years ago I wrote my thesis at university on Derrida and his Postmodernist theory.

I recently finished reading "The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls and he found her other works. I already dove into her "Half Broke Horses" last night. Does he know me or what?

Also, how did I get so lucky?

Last notes:

Location: Harrison, Michigan - Dad's house
Music: Perry Rhodes (Yeah. He really can do everything). You can order his EP on iTunes here