Stop robbing yourself of living

The present moment is blooming before you. 

Are you there?

Is your mind occupied with yesterday’s worries? Are you planning every detail of your next hour, your next day, month or even year?


Fleeing. Rushing. Planning. 

Just stop.

You’re stealing the joy right out from under your existence. 

Yes, you exist. Right now. Can you feel it?

You’re alive. And you’re missing it.


Are you aware?


Be present in your senses. 

What do you see? Look. What’s around you? Things you’ve collected. The desk you picked out. Your stack of books by the bed. The road that leads to your favorite cafe. Someone you love. Look up. What’s above you? Blue sky. Storm clouds. Canopy of trees. A white ceiling. A warm glow from your reading light. Look. What color(s) do you see? Soak them in. Every tone, every shade, consume them.

What do you hear? Listen. The chatter of conversation. The birds singing. The hum of the fan. Your favorite song. Your stomach growling. Silence. Can you hear it? 

What do you smell? Breathe in. Freshly washed sheets. Coffee. Your vanilla scented candle. Rain. Hold it in. Let the scent take you further into the moment.

What do you taste? Swallow. Your last sip of coffee. Morning. Lemon. Chamomile tea. Toothpaste. Run your tongue over your teeth. What now?

What do you feel? Right now. Warmth. The ache in your back. The rise and fall of your shoulders with each breath. Sunlight. The soft embrace of your favorite sweater.

Notice all of it. 

Exist. This is your life. 

Live it now. Not for yesterday, not for tomorrow.