Cinque Terre, Italy

We still have 3498324903248 photos from France to go through but we’re skipping ahead to Italy. We will go back to France as there are lots of captures to show and stories to be told. 

But Italy... it’s so nice to be in Italy. We had an opportunity to spend a much needed calm week in Cinque Terre. We made it into Vernazza just as the sun set and the storm winds began ripping paint from the old walls and clothes from the windowsill lines. It was incredible. The energy of the wind and the sea was violent and beautiful. 

Here's a clip of our evening in Vernazza with Perry's track Through the Blight. 

Ever since I was really young I wanted to see Cinque Terre. It looked so magical. I wanted to feel what it felt like to be looking at the Ligurian Sea and the layers of colorful houses. I’m 29 and I’m finally experiencing it, and with the love of my life. 

These are captures from our first two days wandering around Vernazza, Monterrosso and Corniglia. We were so exhausted from our month in France that we took these couple days really easy, just enjoying each other and the scenery. We explored the alleyways away from the crowds and made our way toward the sea. When the alley widened and opened up to the ocean it was breathtaking. Taking in the beauty of the sea from the Italian coastline truly felt like a dream. 

Here's another clip of our wanderings around Vernazza and Monterosso with Perry's Through the Blight. He's been able to get a lot of song writing done during this trip. I look forward to sharing the finished tracks. More photos to come from our time in Cinque Terre exploring the other cities...