So we can toss our suitcase into the wind at last

| Harrogate, England |

We finally made it to England. We didn't take many photos the first day we arrived as we were delusional because we hadn't slept the night before the flight, and of course instead of sleeping on the plane we watched as many films as we possibly could. While we're in Northern England we will be staying with my uncle Terry, my aunt Julia and visiting my cousins Kelly and Jenna. They are so generous and kind to have us stay with them. 

I wander into a weird sort of mindset when I come to England because it's a bit like looking into a life that I could have lived. When I was a baby my mom and dad were struggling with drug addictions. You could say there were times where they wouldn't be considered "parents of the year." Because of this and because my uncle Terry is so giving he offered to take me to England and raise me with my cousins until my mom and dad could get on their feet. My brother was already living with my dad's parents at the time so it was just me that still needed looking after. Even though she knew I would be in good hands my mom wouldn't allow him to take me. When I'm in England I think of how my life would have been different had I came here when I was baby. Not one thing would be the same and I would be a completely different person. My life was tougher staying in the situation I was in but I believe things worked out the way they should have. And even though I wasn't raised by my uncle and aunt with my cousins, I'm still really close with all of them and am so thankful for our relationship.