Morning always looked like you

Mornings are my favorite part of every day. It’s how you spend the moments upon waking that influences the rest of your day. For me, it’s important to be in touch with where I am each morning, both internally and externally. Where am I? I mean, really, what state even is this? A common question when you’re often waking up in a new city or state day to day, week by week. But also, where am I today—in my heart, in my mind—where am I internally?

Check in with yourself, get your inner (and outer) bearings before taking on all that is in store for you for the day. Notice. Linger. Stay, if only for short while. During my morning lingering, I look over at Perry lying beside me, eyes closed with his long eyelashes casting shadows upon his cheeks as the sun comes in to whisper “good morning.” With a smile on my face, I look down to find my sweet Jackson cuddled in the sea of blankets around us. This is worth pausing for. I offer up gratitude for the abundance of blessings in my life.

After my prayers of thankfulness, I ask for guidance and strength to get the absolute most of everything the day holds. I pause for direction, for mindfulness, and most of all, perspective. This allows me to move forward whole heartedly in a day full of honesty, character, and openness. 

This is just a glimpse of one of my morning lingers before the day makes her demands. 

What is your morning moment? Be honest upon waking. Let yourself stay—feel the moment in its completeness. Every morning, it’s yours. Don’t let yourself miss it.