Rhône Valley, France

The few days we had in the Northern Rhône Valley were some of my favorite from our whole 3-month trip throughout England, France and Italy. We had been going strong in major explorer mode for about a month and a half before we reached this beautiful region. The lush greenery, foggy mountain ranges, and our secluded stone cottage was much needed.

We explored the property, enjoying the autumn blooms covered in rain drops. Perry gathered firewood to start a fire to keep us warm as this was our only heat source. The stone walls of the cottage left a chill in the air that was challenging to humble. Once the warmth from the fire thawed our bones, we barely stirred out. We spent most of our time cuddled up, listening to the rain kissing the rooftop. 

The first morning we couldn't get our sweaters on fast enough. We rushed outside to see the view from peak the cottage sat upon. The light was changing as the clouds danced among the hillsides and their pines. With our hands frozen and our hearts overflowing, we retreated back to our secluded home for the present moment.

I woke up to Perry singing and playing guitar, and to a cup of fresh ground coffee. We sipped our morning cup as we took in the countryside. Every morning here was like a dream.

There was a vineyard behind the cottage that we wandered through before going on a drive down the mountain.

We drove down the windy road to the town of Saint Péray. We wandered, we noticed, we found ourselves at this lovely gourmet restaurant. It was the absolute best food I ate in all of France. I ate so much I felt ill afterwards. It was worth it. And I'd do it again.

And then morning came...

And then she left...