Ribeauvillé, France

We rented a car in Strasbourg and made our way through the Route Des Vin. I have never seen vineyards so green and vibrant. We stopped at little villages along the way and lodged in Ribeauville as it was central to many of the amazing wine towns. I had read about Ribeauville prior to our trip and I was so excited to explore it for myself. It lies at the foot of the Vosges Mountains with an amazing view of Château du Girsberg. With the sky being gray and rainy it set the perfect tone to experience this adorable town. 

Perry has been getting a lot of writing done as we make our way around Europe. Here are some random shots from France with a clip of Through the Blight (unmixed). http://perryrhodes.com/music 

We stayed at the most beautiful cottage that was owned by this very eccentric artist named Sophie. It was so peaceful. You could see the old rooftops outside our window and hear the clock tower ring throughout the night. It was almost haunting. It was perfect. We spent the day weaving in and out of rows of grapevines and tasting the most delicious Rieslings. I never really cared for white wine until I came to the region of Alsace. It’s like nothing I've ever tasted in the States. 

The last day we were there we woke up to the sunlight bouncing from the rooftops and pouring in our windows. I soaked up the warmth before getting ready and heading out for our next adventure.