We shot with Phil Chester, the master of capturing lovers + their intimate moments. My heart soars as I see our love captured in this honest and special way. And we had the most incredible time with Phil. He is the kind of person that makes you feel like you've know him forever. He has such a genuine and real presence. The only thing we would of changed is that we wish we had more time with him—to talk music, hang out and share stories and of course, shoot together. We will definitely be showing up on his door step in Portland sometime soon. He won't be able to get rid of us. Have a look at his site and get all warm and fuzzy inside. See more photos from this magical day here.

Jessy and Perry are the kind of people you love the second you meet them. They’re two of the most genuine, open and creative people I’ve met. You might of heard of their rad wedding ring company Rhodes Wedding Co., they make really killer rings, by hand. Check them out if you haven’t already. They reached out to me a month ago with the simple goal of collaborating to make something beautiful. We decided to spend an evening in Death Valley National Park and photograph their love story. It was one of those sessions where I wish we had 34234908 extra hours of light to keep hiking and exploring. I hope these photo do justice to the beautiful connection they share.
— Phil Chester

Loved this moment... the evening sky and cool wind giving us a reprieve from a day under the sun. Enjoying the quiet and choosing to just exist in this space like time doesn't have her hold on us... until the headlights of a lone car shine in the distance reminding us that the road to our next journey awaits.